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Welcome to Jaskółka Tinker Stable: your gateway to the world of Irish Tinker horses and alpacas in Poland.

In the cozy corner of Lower Silesia, near Jelenia Góra in Poland, Tinkers Stable offers horse and alpaca enthusiasts a unique experience. Here, amidst picturesque landscapes, we not only care for Irish Tinker horses and charming alpacas but also provide a wide range of services for our guests.

You can enjoy horseback riding, feeling like a true rider exploring the surroundings on the back of one of our magnificent horses. If you're looking for a new furry friend, you can buy a horse or alpaca from us, choosing a companion that suits your spirit from among our carefully raised animals. Additionally, we offer a service for the temporary care of your horse, ensuring that your pet receives all the necessary care and attention in your absence.

For those who wish to fully immerse themselves in the life of our stable and enjoy the beauty of the local nature, we offer accommodation in the Jaskółka agrotourism complex. This is a great opportunity to wake up in the morning to the singing of birds, enjoying views of meadows and fields right from your room window.

The History of Tinker Breed Horses

The History of Tinker Breed Horses


The Tinkers, also known as Irish Cobs or Gypsy Horses, are emblematic of freedom and an indomitable spirit. This unique horse breed, which originated in Ireland and Britain, dates back to the 19th century. Tinkers were indispensable companions to Irish nomads and gypsies, playing a pivotal role in their daily lives and culture.

The adaptability and endurance of Tinkers, along with their ability to thrive with limited fodder, made this breed particularly valuable to nomadic peoples. These horses boast a beautiful appearance, including a lush mane and tail, and a variety of coat colors ranging from solid to piebald, making each individual truly distinctive.

In the latter half of the 20th century, Tinkers began to gain popularity beyond their historical homelands. Their friendly nature, calmness, and trainability made them perfect family horses, partners for novice riders, and even stars of the show arena.

Today, Tinkers hold a special place in the hearts of horse enthusiasts worldwide. They excel in various riding disciplines, are used in therapeutic settings, and continue to be reliable companions on journeys and adventures.

Discover the world of Tinkers – a unique horse breed whose origins and temperament inspire and foster a respect for nature.

Animal Sales

Dansing Queen
Dansing Queen

Introducing the exquisite Dansing Queen, a stunning mare standing at a graceful 144 cm. She hails from the renowned SD Stud in England, and her lineage is simply prestigious. Being the daughter of the respected SD Vito and tracing her pedigree back to the legendary SD Woodlu Mammoth, she carries the legacy of champions. With her elegant figure and charming appearance, Dansing Queen possesses truly enchanting beauty. Her refined facial features include remarkably beautiful head and an impressive straight muscular neck, radiating grace and composure in every step. Not to mention, her robust physique adds to her allure, promising strength and determination in all endeavors. Beyond her physical qualities, Dansing Queen is already proving to be a gem in training. From mastering basic skills to displaying a calm and responsive demeanor, she demonstrates intelligence and eagerness to learn. Whether as a broodmare continuing her esteemed lineage or as a beloved family horse, Dansing Queen promises to surpass all expectations. Moreover, her future is as bright as her presence, as she offers the opportunity to be covered by select Jaskolka stallions of your choice.


Introducing Pippa, the epitome of a traditional COB with a stunning blue blagdon coloration. With an abundance of feathering and even a charming mustache, she exudes a unique and captivating presence. Not to mention, her striking blue eyes add an extra touch of allure to her already enchanting appearance. Pippa is not just a beauty; she's also a joy to work with. She has started basic groundwork and is already proving to be responsive and easy-going, especially in the company of other horses. Her gentle demeanor and willingness to learn make her a delightful companion for any equestrian enthusiast. But what truly sets Pippa apart is her breeding potential. Paired with Ballagh Cloud, a stallion of exceptional quality, you can expect nothing short of extraordinary from their offspring. With Pippa's beauty and Ballagh Cloud's pedigree, this combination promises to produce a truly special foal. Don't miss the opportunity to add Pippa to your stable and be part of this exciting breeding endeavor. With her unique attributes and promising future, she's sure to bring joy and success to her new owner.

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